Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

1. For the first 3 years or 40,000 members. whichever comes first (the initial period), there are no subscription fees. After that it will cost $100 pp to join and $100 pa renewal fee after that. The first 3y/100k members will remain exempt from subs forever as they are seen to be founder members.

2. Subscriptions will be payable from capital or profits available on the platform at the time and if no funds are available, from the first new funds deposited on the platform.

3. All members consent to receiving marketing of related products by email, by push notifications on our mobile app or via our SM platforms of FB, Telegram, IG, Youtube and our Blog in order to join and be accepted as a member of Moneysense.

4. During the initial period, participation in pooled lottery entries (MyLotto) is voluntary but after the initial period, it becomes compulsory. Lotto tickets will be paid from subscription fees, company share of winnings or by advertisements on our platform and all members will participate. Winnings will be shared amongst all members on a 70:30 split with the platform.

5. The members consent to additional tax and/or investment structuring advice once their investments exceed $200,000 on the platform.

6. Members consent to marketing of value added services like crypto credit cards, investments in bullion, emigration offerings, international property investment opportunities and the like.

7. Members whose investments on the platform alone exceed $100,000 agree to subscribe to MyWish, a comprehensive, highly secure online solution to store last wills and testaments, valuable documents, secrets, pass codes, letters of wishes, final pre-recorded funeral messages to friends, family and lovers and the like. Subscription fees is $100 p.a. and may be charged against capital or profits available on the platform and fees may increase over time to cover cost increases.

8. Withdrawal fees are charged to cover electricity, gas and related blockchain costs at 5% of any withdrawals made.

9. Members have the sole responsibility of ensuring the correctness of deposit and withdrawal crypto addresses and any loss of crypto currencies will not be attributed to the platform.

10. Members agree to address matters of concern to Support first before posting defamatory notices on social media or trust measurement platforms. Failure to do so may result in the account closure with no compensation.

11. Members are obligated to post an honest review on Trust Pilot at the end of every 12 month period of membership and will be reminded of such by email and push notification. Failure to do so may result in a penalty charged by the platform, unless the platform specifically authorises an exemption by email. Exemption requests must be made within 30 days of the anniversary of each annual membership.

12. IP addresses are monitored and members may not open multiple accounts without prior consent. This will only be allowable for minors related to members.

13. No referral commissions are paid other than from profits earned by the referred (new) member. The platform cannot fund commissions with no clear source of funds. The % of commission paid to referrers will be advised on an annual basis and will be recovered from overall profits earned.

14. The platform is entitled to retain any profits earned over the current maximum profit % payable to members as its incentive to remain profitable and vigilant.

15. The platform is simply an intermediary between investors and actual platforms. Moneysense scrutinizes all the available underlying platforms for risks and rewards and manage the involvement of investors' funds carefully. Note that we have found all 90%+ of HYIP's to be scams, offering no real product or service and are Ponzi schemes. We utilise them to everyone's best advantage and exit well before they do their scam exits. We cap the amount of funds that may be placed in any single platform. We utilise a comprehensive list of scam alerts, indicators and failed payment warnings.

16. We supplement HYIP's with lower risk investment platforms that are regulated and are actual businesses. There vary in form and content.

17. Our investment strategy, policies and offered returns are beyond question by members, are never disclosed and at our sole and absolute discretion.

18. The platform is not responsible for any taxes on members profits and will never accept an agency appointment by any country's revenue authority. Members avoid, evade or pay taxes at their sole discretion and responsibility. Tax planning advice will be posted on our various communication platforms from time to time, which would generally apply to all countries to some degree.

19. The platform utilizes many HYIP's and there is of course a risk of loss of funds, but it is in our best interests to take all reasonable steps to avoid losses.

20. We reserve the right to add other obligatory and/or non-obligatory investment or service platforms to our range of offerings in due course, which may include membership of a third party block chain based bank with many related benefits. It may also include specific investment opportunities outside the platform that members may elect to join if they wish to.

21. Moneysense is not incorporated anywhere and has no obligation to do so. It is the first in a disruptive solution for cloud based businesses to raise capital and execute its projects. We report to nobody other than God and that sets our ethos.

22. The owners identities are never disclosed because we do not own any underlying IP we wish to present on the platform. We earn commissions and share in profits and are simply specialist intermediaries. Our communication platforms convey more than enough information about the way we operate and the standards we set. Should members decide to publish anything in an attempt to disclose our identities, nationalities, location or any other sensitive information, such members will be blocked on all communication platforms and the account closed without compensation. Our business model simply does not require the members to be presented as credible investment specialists. We are simply the best at selecting underlying investment platforms that yield high returns.

23. Moneysense retains the right to add other compulsory product participation in due course e.g. using our own Crypto Exchange and Crypto Brokerage or the use of our own crypto token when active on our platform. We also issue loyalty cards and other Value Added Services and products that are free of charge which are standard issues to members and members do not have a choice in accepting it or not.

24. Moneysense.club is a club of members who seek the break away from the fiat money system and increase their risk profiles in order to dramatically increase earnings capacity. It however retains the right o incorporate at a later stage or not, depending on the needs for monetizing the platform a for a future IPO or ICO.

25. Anybody involved in hacking our platform, social media pages, blog or assets, will be investigated by an international team of forensic investigators and will be found and prosecuted. If such criminals are members of the platform, their accounts will be closed without compensation.

26. Suggestions for new products and opportunities may be sent to our inbox via the website for attention: THE INVESTMENT COMMITTEE. If we are unable to invest in it, we may be able to link the opportunity up with the right funders or investors including Family Offices at a set commission rate of 15% of the total investment made, whether once off or piecemeal, payable in Bitcoin. We will assign an entity to represent us via a firm of lawyers for the purposes of signed agreements. If we decide to invest in it or adopt the product, there is no compensation payable but we may consider waiving future membership fees for such successful introductions, upon written application.

27. Moneysense in principle does not support Smart Contracts that do not possess a tangible products or use the funds raised specifically and exclusively for the completion of a tangible product.

28. Our investment committee meets once a week to review the portfolio of investments and an announcement will be made every week after the meeting to declare the week’s earnings and any major changes in the underlying platforms.

29. Moneysense does not pay referral commission. Members must introduce new people because they believe that they are doing them a favour. Compensation for referrals is in the form of an ongoing commission of 10% of the returns earned by the referred people. Hence if the platform made 20% for the month, you will receive 20% x 10% = 2% of that person’s earnings, paid from the platform’s share of profits.

30. Each member referring others have the responsibility to deal with questions and to familiarise themselves and the new introductions with the website.

31. Moneysense will from time to time issue requests for submission of investment opportunities in specific areas or countries where high growth is expected in specific real estate sectors, launch of patented products, etc. Such submissions carry no compensation but the product category on our platform will be named after the person referring the opportunity.